How do we know what it's like on a far-off planet? Scientists use rainbows to tell us what elements are in the atmosphere far away planets. They do this by […]


Winter Break

This winter break, we're engineering a ginger bread house, sewing a wearable light, experimenting with frozen volcanoes and learning about STEM trailblazers Gina Cody and Jie Qi! At its heart, […]



What do the cranes that dot Toronto's skyline and the international space station have in common? Hydraulics. In this workshop you will explore how hydraulics can be used to move […]


Winter 2022 Wednesdays After School

In this session we will be collecting and analyzing evidence from a crime science to solve the mystery of the missing pet. Together we will be dusting for finger prints, analyzing blood and DNA […]

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Sound Waves

Do you like to sing, hum, make noise? Have you wondered what your voice looks like? In this workshop we will be experimenting with sound and building a paper eidophone […]